Oct 26

Eleven months ago, in the face of a gauntlet of headwinds that the Obama administration was creating in front of the American job creation engine, I came to the following conclusion:

“If you were an entrepreneur, or a business owner or manager with the ability to start large new initiatives, perhaps ones requiring large numbers of new employees, in the face of the above legislative uncertainty, would you dare proceed?”

The resulting economic lockup, and the trillions of private capital sitting in fear on the sidelines, has become the story of the day.

Predicting this story was not difficult, due to the nature of The Machine itself.  Driven by a lust for power, fueled by environmental extremism, economic illiteracy, and class warfare, and financed by a self-serving cycle of union cronyism, there can only be one conclusion:  The Machine is antithetical to the founding principles that made this country great, and can only produce seizure.   Here’s how it breaks down: Continue reading »

Oct 23

I am pleased to announce that I will be writing a column every other week at Forbes online called “On Civil Society”.

The first article is out there already, discussing the thought-provoking subject of “social business” as a possible alternative to “capitalism” in helping the world’s chronically poor.      Why the quotes around “capitalism”?  You’ll have to read the article…

Check out “How the Free Market Tames Greedy Investors” at Forbes online.

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